Executive Committee

The Rules

Can children use any medium?

We want children to re-engage with the traditional skills of observation, drawing and painting so children should stick to one of the following (or a combination of) pencil, ink, charcoal, crayon, pastel or paint. We are looking to reward talent, inventiveness and skill. We ask children draw or paint their portraits in the classroom so teachers can ensure they are the children's own work. We'd also like to discourage teachers from showing children photographs of the Queen, preferring children to draw or paint her from their memory and imagination.

Is there a size limit?

Please ensure no portrait is bigger than A3 size.

Are all schools eligible to apply?

We welcome submissions from every school in United Kingdom, both in the independent and state sector.

Can children submit portraits independently of their schools?

All portraits must be submitted via schools only - we cannot accept individual entries.

How many portraits can each school submit?

Each school can submit a maximum of 2 portraits from each year. If there is more than one art class per year, art teachers will have to decide which two portraits to submit.

How does each school enter?

Having selected the portraits, art teachers will upload and submit the portraits on-line, following the instructions on our website. Teachers will also send two A4 photocopies of each entry to:

Anthony Bailey, OBE
Portrait of Our Queen
12 Queens Gate Gardens
London SW7 5LY

Each A4 photocopy must have the name of the school plus its telephone number and e-mail address, the name of the child and his or her date of birth on the back.

When is the deadline?

Friday 20th July 2012. The competition is now closed for entries.